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Landmark Nutraceuticals has been specialized in producing Anabolic Androgen; Estrogen Steroid raw powders for several years, during which we’ve earned great reputation and fame all over the world. Quality-based, service-oriented, transport-founded. Landmark has formed a complete operating system.

No matter if you are about to set up bodybuilding labs or even just wanted to home-brew high potency oral juice or injectable finished gear for personal use. We would be very pleased and spare no effort to share our years professional guidance and good practical recipes step by step. Furthermore, if you are looking for a classic bulking or cutting cycle for Mass Muscle or Lean Muscle, we will be helpful.


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Arimidex more effective than Femara?

Arimidex (anastrozole) was the first selective aromatase inhibitor used in bodybuilding, and is still the most popular estrogen control drug. It’s commonly available in both tablet and liquid form for oral use. Dosing is typically 0.25, 0.5, or 1.0 mg at…

What You Need to Know About Dianabol?

WHAT IS IT? The steroid’s name was given to the compound Methandrostenolone years ago by Ciba, a Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical company. While production stopped years ago, the compound is still known by that name and many companies still produce…

Recent Testimonials

quality and service with caroline 

I was lucky enough to have Caroline look after me with my purchases from landmark. The service was excellent !!

She was very helpful and knowledgeable of the products. Ordering went smoothly and the products arrived into Australia.

All products received have been labmax tested (test, primo, mast ) and all passed. Im currently using the primo with great results at 600mg week.

I couldnt be happier. If you want quality products and good service hit up

Troy from Australia

Mr. Big
I have ordered a few times never had any worries about anything I always deal with Stevenson. However I am sure anyone at this company would be just as helpful, they respond quickly Stevenson sometimes helps me out even when he is at home or even on his holidays lol. This last month was difficult for everyone ordering products from china with the national holidays and protests 🙁 but even through all that Stevenson was extra helpful and the shipment took a while to come and as usual everything tip top good quality good service. Anyone thinking ordering from this company can order with confidence and usually orders only take few days or so.

Alan from uk

Fast delivery and good quality
I ordered Bold Cyp, NPP and Test Enan with Mr.Jack. Totally atencious and prestative. I recommend him 101% for orders. Very atencious guy. He shipped mine order as soon as the payment was confirmed. I’ll fore sure order more with him. It took about 1week to arrive.

Lerd from Brasil

Caroline is simply the most courteous and professional representative that I have ever dealt with. Her ability to “in a timely manner and get parcels out the door is a great reflection on the company she represents. She is simply the only person that I care to do business with and is truly an asset to your company.

Cascade Rock from usa

Excellent service from Daisy
Congrats for all the team in especially to Daisy for the excellent service and great quality on your products, we have a very good results and purity.
The shippings and the communication always are Ok!!!

Isaac from Mexico