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We will introduce a good bulking cycle for the beginners in this article. (This article is for informational purposes only) Thanks for reading.

Someone wants to gain mass and big size quickly via anabolic steroids. But as a newbie, you’re never supplemented with anabolic steroids and you don’t know how you’re going to react. Now I will recommend a good products for you. That’s Testosterone. Testosterone is the most versatile anabolic steroid of all and generally one of the well-tolerated among healthy adult males. Further, if you can tolerate testosterone well and most can this will generally be a good sign that many other steroids will be tolerated well by you as well.

Therefore, as for newbies, a simple testosterone cycle will always prove to be best and highly effective.

EXPERT GUIDE — Beginner Steroid Cycle for bulking and mass:

  • Week 1-12: Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate: 250-500 mg per week
  • Week 13-15: suspend any usage
  • Week 16-17: Nolvadex 40 mg every day
  • Week 18-19: Nolvadex 20 mg every day.

——Landmark Elite Team

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