Muscle is the symbol of power for males. Just like losing weight is the main goal for female to go to a gym, gain muscles and shape the body is what males are pursuing. However, many have ignored that gaining muscles need not only “training” but also “eating”. When you try to gain mass muscle, you need to supply your body with high intake of Carbohydrate, as well as proteins. So a scientific diet plan will half your work with double results. Next, let’s see the menu of professional bodybuilders.
Diet plan for gaining muscles:

First meal:Breakfast

Since you have eaten nothing for a whole night, your body is in high need of calories. Especially the Carbohydrate will give your body enough energy to work for a few hours. Complex carbohydrates is sure to be a good choice. Of course, you also need to intake some proteins to keep the amino acid flowing in your blood. This will help prevent catabolism of your muscle. Breakfast need to provide about 50g proteins.

Second meal: Snacks in the forenoon

It’s alright to have your second meal 3 hours after your breakfast. This meal will help supplying your body with enough energy and keep the amino acids flowing in your blood. Amino acids come from proteins. You can choose chicken breast and high protein powder for this meal. Also you can add some fruits. Fruit is also a good source of cellulose, which most bodybuilders are in short of.
Third meal: Lunch

Lunch is focused on proteins, Complex carbohydrates and vegetables. Proteins such as beef, fish are good choices for gaining muscles, for they supply not only protein, but also extra calories (fat). Besides, the fat that fish contains is unsaturated fatty acid, which is rather beneficial to human health. As to carbohydrates, you can choose any Complex carbohydrates you like, such as potatoes, rice and pasta.
Forth meal: Before training
Like the snacks in the forenoon, this meal aims at keeping the amino acids flowing in your blood. It should be intake at least one hour before your training. When you’re in the stage of gaining, you can choose a kind of high protein drinks like Muscle Milk, with some sugar added.

Fifth meal: After training and the supper

This meal includes two parts. The first one is the drinks should be taken 30 minutes after training. Besides, you should also intake some simple carbohydrate in order to replenish the carbohydrate you have consumed.
The second part of this meal should be taken 1 hour after the snacks. It consists of solid food and should include complex carbohydrates such as rice, potato and high quality protein (like beef), as well as lots of vegetables.
Sixth meal: Snacks in the night
An important part of this meal is proteins, thus to ensure enough amino acids before sleeping. If you want to eat more, you can also intake a little carbohydrates. Of course, most bodybuilders always avoid carbohydrates at night, for they’re easy to convert to fat at night.

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