4 Precautions of bodybuilding in winter

  1. Follow your body sensations

In the winter, our body are in the reverse stage, more sleeping time is needed. At least 8 hours of sleeping should be guaranteed every day even if there is no exercise and workload. However, during the end of the year, we are usually busier than ever. If no more time to rest, we will feel sleepy all the time. Or excited on the surface, but out of power after ten minutes’ exercise. In this case, the training content should be changed.

  1. Training content

Follow the topic above. In winter, exercise with a lower intensity is needed to maintain the activity levels. Do more aerobic exercise. From the perspective of fat loss, the metabolic rate drops in winter, reducing the body’s own ability to consume calories. Only by doing more aerobic exercise can we maintain our normal fat content. Winter is also the high season for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. And that is an important reason for strengthening aerobic exercise.

  1. Pay attention to your safety

When we are doing exercise in winter, it spends more time warming our body. So a no less than 15 minutes of warm-up is necessary. The indoor temperature should be between 15-20 degrees when training. And pay attention to your joints and muscles at any times, the moderate-intensity exercise should be after several sets of the low-intensity. It better not to have high-intensity exercise.

  1. Diet

The climate in winter is dry, our body also lacks moisture. Therefore, our main food should be with high water content. Eat more fruits, drink plenty of water, and reduce fatty food, which is difficult to digest and easy to form fat due to the decline of metabolism. Don’t forget to drink water every 10 minutes when you are doing exercise.

Tips: in winter, the bones are more fragile, please try your best to avoid injuries during the workouts.